Thailand Textile and Fashion Industries Development Strategy 2015 - 2030

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Thailand Textile and Fashion Industries Development Strategy 2015 - 2030


Executive Summary

Thailand Textile and Fashion Industries have potential to total structure transform  into “New Creative + Knowledge Industries”. Under positive and supportive economic and social contexts, Thailand can gain from the following factors; a) Comparative advantage in Fashion Culture b) Craftsmanship with creativities c) Leading Tourist Destination d) Geographical Location Advantage e) Manufacturing Knowledge in all sectors along supply chain f) Close cultural connection to ASIA as future largest marketplace

As global fashion and textile supply chain is shifting to ASIA now and to AFRICA in next decade, ASIA become major global trade and investment centre. Thai Fashion and Textile Industry should define clear strategic move and integrate textile with fashion “toward Sustainable Creative Industries with Strong Soft Power” respectively. The 3 milestones until 2030 are smoothly align with Thailand Industrial Master Plan.

Milestone 1 - 2016 Sourcing and Trade South East Asia from Thailand.

The step of foundation development including expand Thai business scopes to ASEAN Business, encourage design and specification decision in Thailand. Promote creativity, improve law and regulation to reduce red tape, solve wet processing supply chain bottleneck, ease trade barrier between Thai and ASEAN, create technology transfer mechanism among region and create design+product development cluster.

Milestone 2 - 2020 Design and Development Solution for International Brands

Soft and Hard Infrastructure development for long term growth. Internationalize Fashion and Textile Education, improve supporting business in design and logistic, attract Global and International Brand Headquarter and Regional Headquarter to operate from Thailand. Improve ASEAN and BIMSTEC logistic system for material and finished products.

Milestone 3 - 2030 Global Fashion Culture Influencer

Strength cultural capital (authentic and modern), integrated across industries. Support Thai Textile and Fashion Brands to become international brands with Thai authenticities. Enhance modern Thainess in global system

Positioning of Thai Textile and Fashion Industries

“Strategic Partner that always provide new profitable solution at lowest operational risk”

Development Strategies

  1. Transform supply chain from Reactive to Proactive

  2. Change production and development concepts from Supply Push to Demand Creation


Dimension of Developments

  1. Production + Service Entrepreneur

    1. New business function development

    2. New technology and skill funding, Promote Thai global companies

    3. Integrated Product Champion in a) Sport and Functional Wear b) Contemporary Fashion\

    4. Promote yarns design and flexible production, setup bicomponent fibre pilot plant, setup yarns, fabric, fashion product development centre

    5. Improve wet processing regulation, Promote Clean Technology

    6. Machine and Equipment R&D

  2. Enhance regional supply chain responsiveness with knowledge and collaboration

    1. Fashion Industrial Zoning

    2. Promote International investment in design and product development (BOI regulation effective since January 1, 2015)

    3. Develop ASEAN and South ASIA logistic for material and finished product

    4. Market insight and Intelligence System

    5. Fashion Expansion Venture Capital

    6. Promote Brands’ Regional Headquarter in Thailand

  3. Position as destination for global design and trade location

    1. Promote World Class Fashion Education in Thailand for ASEAN student

    2. Integrate with culture industries; entertainment, tourism, cuisine, sport, music, heath

    3. Promote International leading trade fair in Thailand for ASEAN market

  4. Creative Technologist and Entrepreneurship HRD

    1. Improve HRD system; upgrade educator, integrate industrial knowledge with education, set up multidisciplinary group of expert, improve middle management with trade and international skill.

    2. Revamp textile industry reputation toward stakeholders, promote industry icon.


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