Vision, Mission and Strategy

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“As an organization that directs, promotes and supports cooperation in the textile and modern fashion industry in order to enhance the competitiveness of textile and garment industry, both domestically and internationally.”



  • To stimulate and drive the research and development of new textile products for commerce.
  • To become the Textile Intelligence that leads the market demands, trade regulations and the directions of new product development (Functional & Technical Textile).
  • To become the leader of the ASEAN region in providing comprehensive testing for product development and product quality assurance.
  • To become the center that links Cluster & Supply Chain for textile and garment entrepreneurs and for the progressive improvement of fashion industry, including services of various departments concerned.
  • Being the Learning Center and the Center for Human Resource Development in line with the industry changes.
  • To study and analyze the situations of the textile and garment industry in Thailand and the world in order to recommend policies and to stimulate the actions for enhancing the competitiveness of the Thai textile and garment industry.


  1. To be the main organization in setting the Strategy and the Master Plan for the textile and garment industry in accordance with the National Economic and Social Development Plan under the provision of the Ministry of Industry, based on the participations of the textile and garment industry entrepreneurs, Strategic Partner industries with the Thai textile and garment industry, Thai and foreign networks.
  2. To coordinate, drive and follow up the Strategy and Plan to be approved by the government through the Ministry of Industry.
  3. To coordinate, push and follow up the actions for highly important programs / projects. that drives the competitiveness of the industry; to focus on the strategies that create well-beings for the human force in the Thai textile industry through the network of business alliance (Cluster); to support the creation of the factors that link the physical and geographical network. Thailand Textile Institute will act as a motivator for the development, formation and expansion of business alliance network (Cluster Development Agent: CDA), such as a cluster expansion and the enhancement of Petkasem Cluster strength that encourages the expansion to the Samut Prakarn Cluster.
  4. To develop the Textile Intelligence for textile and garment products (Including clothing) for the development of the textile and garment markets; and to prepare the Strategy and Master Plan of the textile and garment industry for the sustainable competitiveness, under the provision of the Ministry of Industry.
  5. To drive the application of textile product standards in the Thai textile and garment industry in a systematic and extensive way; to organize the system and support for creating knowledge for trade negotiation in congruence with the standards of textile and garment products by providing analyses and testing of textile products to meet the international standards and to promote knowledge on international trade negotiations and trade agreements relating to textiles and garments.
  6. To support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to adapt themselves to overseas markets by seeking supports from international organizations and the government, in order to facilitate the access of small and medium-sized enterprises in the international markets.
  7. To increase the production capabilities of the textile and garment industry by providing training and technical development of textiles, chemical textiles, textile product analysis and testing, the management of textile products and trade, the management plant facilities, especially in areas lack of staff or education.
  8. To conduct the research and development of textile products for a variety of products and quality improvement as a way to add value to the textile products, serving the demands of future market in new items from time to time, in the cooperation with entrepreneurs (factories) and researchers at the National Nanotechnology Center, National Metal and Materials Technology Center, Domestic and International educational institutions, including the experts of Thailand Textile Institute.
  9. To develop the textile industry entrepreneurs to focus on creative textile products in terms of pattern, color and cultural background, the development of materials and innovative fabrics for creating product differentiations and varieties.
  10. To develop and prepare the readiness of textile entrepreneurs in order to produce environmentallyfriendly products that meet the market demands upon safety and hygiene, toward the sustainability of the textile industry.




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