TGO shall monitor the use of CoolMode label by conducting a sampling test at the factory in order to check if the product is still consistent with the registered specifications. The monitoring shall be done 8 months after the approval, or when complaint is received from consumers. The expenses occurring during the monitoring process is already included in the administrative fee.



  1. TGO shall keep any information received from the applicants and/or authorized person/entity in confidence. TGO shall not be responsible for any damages prone to the applicants and/or authorized person/entity caused by information leakage, unless proven to be the fault of TGO.
  2. If possible, the confidential documents shall be transported by a messenger. When postal service is used, the documents containing in an envelop stamped with ‘confidential’ mark must be inserted into another envelop before sending.




  1. CoolMode label is registered as a certification mark under the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce (Thailand). Unauthorized use of CoolMode label without written consent from TGO is considered illegal and subjected to penalties.
  2. If breaching of CoolMode standard by authorized person/entity is found after the approval, written notice shall be sent by TGO first. In case the authorized person/entity continues the breach, a law suit will be filed. Furthermore, after 30 days of written notice has been given, TGO has exclusive rights to terminate the contract to use CoolMode label. The authorized person/entity is not entitled to file a case for any damages arising from the contract termination.

Appeal procedures

  1. The applicant or convicted authorized person/entity may appeal by submitting a written statement to the Committee within 30 days after the verdict has been sent by TGO.
  2. The Committee shall consider the appeal and announce the decision within 60 days after receiving the appeal statement. It is possible to extend the examining period but must not more than twice given 15 working days each time.
  3. During the appeal process, the first verdict shall be enforced.
  4. The appellant shall be responsible for all expenses occur during the appeal process.
  5. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

Termination of contact and right to use CoolMode label

  1. The authorized person/entity dissolves the registered business.
  2. The authorized person/entity is declared bankrupt.
  3. The authorized person/entity declares the termination in written form.
  4. The rules and regulations are amended or terminated.


  1. The authorized person/entity shall inform TGO immediately of any changes affecting its legal and trading status.
  2. The authorized person/entity shall inform TGO immediately of any changes affecting the compliance of CoolMode regulations.


  1. In case of any amendments of rules and regulations concerning the clothing characteristics, TGO shall inform the authorized person/entity of the changes in written format.
  2. TGO shall not be responsible for any wrongful acts or infringements or breaches of any authorized person/entity.


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